I’m Peter Gilchrist and I’m the Music Specialist here at Inglewood Primary School. I’ve taught music for the last fifteen years having previously led the life of the rock muso, roadie, and sound guy, around Perth. With this background my path to teaching music was a little different to many music specialists.

The Australian and Western Australian music curricula inform and guide my program. My aim is to provide a varied and engaging musical experience for all students. We look at music through the ages, across cultures and how it contributes to our lives, daily. I subscribe to the notion that music can positively contribute to success in other pursuits through the development of imagination, critical thinking, logic, and physical development of motor skills. Most importantly, music supports the development of the ‘Whole Child’ which is key to the School Vision of our Business Plan.

We sing, we move, we play games, we play instruments including tuned and untuned percussion, ukuleles, and recorder. We learn about famous composers, we analyse songs for their lyrics and musical attributes, we explore music theory, and we use technology, including iPads, to create, record and investigate musical experiences. Did I mention – we sing!

All of this and we have two choirs, junior and senior, which perform at various events and festivals during the year including the ANZAC Service, WA Primary Schools Massed Choir Festival, and the Children Sing Festival. And we have, at any given time, around sixty-five students involved in the Instrumental Music Program, conducted by teachers from the Instrumental Music School Services, learning violin, viola, cello, trumpet, trombone, baritone, clarinet, and flute.

At Inglewood Primary School, students undertake musical activities in an inclusive and safe environment where participation and trying are applauded. Literally.




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