Our Vision & Beliefs

Our School Motto

Caring and Sharing


At Inglewood Primary School we care about the development of the whole child and we attend to this through our shared beliefs and practices. As a result of this, all students unlock and fulfil their learning potential and develop the personal and social attributes for future well-being.  

Our School Creed 

This is our school

We learn to think, create and imagine

Our school is colourful, happy and bright

Learning is fun

We respect and believe in each other

Caring and sharing; friends for life


Our Beliefs

At Inglewood Primary School, we believe in:

  • opportunities to innovate, create and problem solve; 
  • a welcoming and safe learning environment; 
  • fulfilling and purposeful learning; 
  • respectful and trusting relationships with others and
  • the development of the whole child. 


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