Phys Ed

I’m Marcus Serravite and I’m an experienced and passionate Physical Education Teacher with over 8 years of experience in the primary school education system. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach in multiple schools in Western Australia and spent 5 years developing my teaching at Caulfield Primary in Melbourne before returning home and landing at Inglewood Primary. As a dedicated educator, with a background in sport science, I have a strong commitment to promoting the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to young students.

 I am devoted to making my lessons engaging, interactive and enjoyable for all students at Inglewood. With my goal to provide students the opportunities to further develop their physical abilities and love for physical activity that will hopefully carry into their adulthood and beyond. I believe that sport can also aid in helping develop strong teamwork and values that will benefit the students of Inglewood as they grow and become excellent people in society.

 The Physical Education program at Inglewood Primary aims to promote the benefits of regular physical activity while providing students with the opportunity to further develop their physical and interpersonal skills. Utilising the Western Australian curriculum, the Physical Education program for Pre-primary through to Year 2 has been developed to focus on the continued development of gross and fine motor skills, fundamental movement skills, understanding rules and playing fun games. The programs for Year 3 through to Year 6 allows the students to develop their sporting knowledge and understanding of physical movement through a range of team and individual sports, fitness, and games.

 Some of the highlights of Physical Education program at Inglewood Primary include the Swimming Carnival (years 4 to 6), the School and Interschool Cross Country (years 3 to 6), School Faction Athletics Carnival, Interschool Athletics Carnival, and the Interschool Winter Lightning Sports Carnival. These events bring the school community together and provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their physical abilities and sportsmanship in a fun and supportive environment.




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