I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Science Teacher with 5 years of experience in primary school science teaching and have taught in the classrooms across years 3 to 6. Before coming to teaching, I studied a PhD in Biological Science and worked in research in several countries overseas before finally moving back to Australia.  

With a passion for science and creating engaging and interactive lessons, I hope to provoke students to discover the world around them. Creative thinking and questioning are key features of science classes at Inglewood. Lessons include hands-on activities that teach students the steps of the inquiry process from developing questions, working co-operatively and presenting their findings. These steps are embedded in the four strands of science: biology, physics, chemistry and earth science. 

 The science programme at Inglewood covers the Western Australian Curriculum and develops children’s understanding of the world around them in a stepwise process. It culminates in a year 6 Science Fair where students present their independent research projects. When extra opportunities arise, such the Synergy Solar Car Challenge, the students and I participate with abandon! Science at Inglewood is hoped to generate a future community of actively informed and interested learners. 




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