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Anti-Bullying Policy

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To encourage positive relationships among students to reduce incidents of bullying and build self-esteem (integrated with Health Education Program).


  1. Bullying is any repetitive verbal, physical or subtle form of abuse which impacts on individuals.
  2. Bullying is a pattern of behaviour by one person towards another, which hurts, injures, embarrasses, upsets or causes discomfort to that person. It can be:
  • on the internet
  • physical aggression
  • the use of put-down comments or insults
  • name calling
  • damage to the person’s property
  • deliberate exclusion from activities
  • the setting-up of humiliating experiences.


  • Inglewood Primary School does not tolerate bullying or harassment.
  • All teachers are firmly committed to putting an end to acts of bullying.
  • Victims of bullying will be supported with restorative practice.
  • Inappropriate ‘bystander behaviour’ is unacceptable.
  • Refer to the school’s anti-bullying policy for guidelines on responding to bullying.



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