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Assembly Procedure

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  • Each class has one assembly per year as rostered on the term planner and staffroom year planner. The newsletter and term planner will indicate the dates for each class and any changes to times. Throughout the year there may be some special assemblies e.g. music program or Book Week.
  • Assemblies occur on Friday mornings at 8.50am in the undercover area. Parents are invited to attend.
  • Each assembly has honour certificates for students. Names are read out by the student councillors and the Deputies and Principal present the certificates.  By Tuesday before the assembly, classroom teachers contact parents to notify them that their child is receiving a certificate and give the certificates to the school office for recording on SIS and signing by the Principal.
  • An assembly format is available in the Connect Library.
  • Four mobile pin-up boards are available for assembly use. They are stored in the Maths Room. (between Rooms 4 and 5).
  • Students bring their mats to sit on.
  • To rehearse assembly items, please liaise with our Phys Ed Specialist/s about availability of the undercover area.

Prior to assembly

  • ‘Stage hands’ assist Music Specialist to erect the stage and dismantle it afterwards.
  • Councillors and faction captains put out and return chairs from the Music Room for staff and parents. Chairs for Administration are from the Staffroom.
  • The PA system and screen is set up and tested by nominated year 6 students trained by our Music Specialist or a designated person and returned to the Music store room at the conclusion of the assembly.
  • Cone markers for classes are placed in the undercover area and collected up at the end of the assembly.
  • The class hosting the assembly can display their classwork on the pinup boards in the office foyer from the Friday of the assembly until the next assembly.


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