Welcome to our Staff Handbook


Table of Contents
  • An Inglewood Weekly is sent out each Thursday via CONNECT. If you would like to add an article, please put in the correct Week / Term folder on the S: All Staff Drive BEFORE Thursday morning.
  • Teachers may send notices to the Admin team for inclusion and can check with Admin any time about content.
  • Year level Collab Meetings are held each week at a mutually convenient time.
  • EA and Special Needs EA meetings, coordinated by the LSC, are held once a term.
  • P&C meetings – are held twice per term.
  • School Board meetings – once per term.
  • Incidental notices will be placed on the whiteboard in the staffroom; please check each day.
  • Finance Meetings – minimum of once per term. Minutes are available upon request.
  • Daily notices will be broadcast over the PA system each morning before recess. Classroom teachers are to ensure their students are quiet and listening.
  • Other communication will be electronic. Please check your emails daily.
  • The school’s Communications Policy can also provide further details on communication modes and protocols.



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