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Computers, Digital Camera, Interactive Boards

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Computers / Laptops / iPads:

  • Each class has a computer connected to the administration network, enabling staff to complete attendance, and reporting and to check emails on a daily basis.
  • Each class has an Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Computers are available in the collegiate room, wellbeing officers room and staffroom office for staff use.
  • The Shared Drive (S Drive) on the Admin network is available to all staff. Many planning documents and guidelines are saved there eg. including Assembly format, and excursion planning guidelines.
  • Teams is updated with most relevant documents from the S Drive so that it can be shared with offsites.
  • Your Home Drive (H drive E + personal employee number) on the Admin network is available to only the individual employee. It is recommended that you save all your documents here, as your home drive is backed up daily.  Documents saved on the ‘desktop’ could be lost should there be computer problems.
  • Computer issues need to be logged using the Fresh Desk Icon on your desktop. See the Network Officer if you are having issues logging on.

Cleaning Interactive Whiteboards

  • Use a damp cloth to clean or wipe down the board.  DO NOT use solvents on the board surface. If the pen tray is not working properly, check that there is no dust in the pen tray. This can sometimes stop them from working correctly. Simply blow out the dust and check again. Clean out the filter in the projector by removing the foam from the vent and brushing away or blowing away any dust. This should be done 3 or 4 times a term.


  • A set of 30 iPads may be borrowed by teachers for classes from years 1 – 3. The iPads should not be moved by students unless in the trolley. Teachers may remove baskets that hold up to 5 iPads. Teachers should ensure students are taught the proper handling and only teachers may plug the iPad power cords into the iPads. See the Deputy if you wish to have any apps added or if you have any timetable changes. The timetable is available on Connect and is on the staffroom noticeboard.
  • Check all new students have signed their iPromise document at the commencement of the school year before undertaking any lessons with the iPad devices.

Notebook Computers

  • A set of notebook computers are available for borrowing from the library. The grey trolley must remain in the library. The trolleys are mobile and may be taken to classrooms. Please adhere to the list of instructions on the trolley. Each student should use the same notebook number each time and only teachers should plug the notebooks into the power cord. This avoids costly damage. See Deputy if you wish to have any apps added or if you have any timetable changes. The timetable is available on Connect and is on the staffroom noticeboard. All students must have consent for online services before using the laptops (available through Integris UDI)

Computer Maintenance

  • All ICT problems must be reported through Freshdesk. We may be able to solve minor issues for you where the network technician is unavailable.
  • Technical support will is available on Thursday mornings via our TFX network technician.
  • Deputies are also available to assist with technical support or if you require any apps or software.
  • Notebook for Teachers – ring DOE help desk for NB4T support on 9264 5555
  • Printers – with the exception of the MCS office (to print cheques) and library (for bar codes) there are no printers in the school.
  • All staff should ensure devices are turned off and charging where relevant.
  • Cleaners are not permitted to turn equipment off.  They are only allowed to wipe around the equipment.




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