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Table of Contents
  • Neither the Award nor the General Agreement mentions yard duty. Clause 12 of the Award refers to the supervision of students as part of a teacher’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Principals can roster teachers for yard duty.
  • At Inglewood, we ensure the duty roster is fair, equitable and transparent.
  • Please see the deputy responsible for the duty roster for any queries.
  • See the duty roster for areas and time changes. The duty map outlines these areas.
  • Be vigilant, diligent, mobile and highly visible. Each teacher should wear their fluoro vest and duty pouch (bumbag).
  • The duty pouch should contain band-aids, office slips and a playground red emergency tag.
  • Please see office staff if you require a replacement vest or duty pouch supplies.
  • As we are a Sun Smart school, please wear a broad-brimmed hat.
  • Be prompt to begin duty.
  • Ensure all students stop playing at the sound of the siren to end recess and lunch.
  • Return to your classroom at the end of breaks immediately.
  • All teachers are emailed a copy of the term’s roster as part of the Weekly. Staff can negotiate changes with other staff members as long as no one is disadvantaged and both agree.  Please notify the Deputies as soon as changes have been made.



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