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Excursions / in School Activities

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  • The Excursions in Public Schools procedures support us to meet student safety and welfare requirements when planning an excursion.
  • The procedures are part of the Duty of Care for Public School Students policy and procedures. Planning and communication are key.
  • Although final responsibility for school excursions rest with the Principal, teaching staff involved in excursions have shared responsibility and must have good knowledge and understanding of the relevant Education Department policies.
  • It is highly recommended that staff members have current professional learning on the Excursion Policy before submitting an application for an excursion. PLIS: Excursions in Public Schools Policy and Procedures – Update: Online On-demand
  • All proposals for excursions/camps/in school activities with accompanying risk management plans, consent forms, permission slips and estimated cost must be submitted to the Principal 8 weeks before an event. The Principal is responsible for signing of all on school activities.
  • Excursions/In School activities forms (updated 2020) are located in the pigeon holes in the Photocopier Room and on Connect.
  • Estimated costing must be completed and signed by the MCS prior to submitting the excursion/in-school activity proposal.
  • Before letters are given to students please ensure that the MCS has checked for any credits the student may have and notes are changed to indicate the new amount to pay.
  • Parents must be advised at least four weeks in advance.
  • All events that require payment from parents must include a clear cut off date for payment. Notes must refer parents to the office if payment by the cut-off date will be an issue.
  • A copy of the in school activity / excursion parent note must be given to the office for filing.
  • All permission slips must be retained by the teacher in charge of the excursion and placed into a clearly labelled envelope / plastic sleeve, then handed to the office at the conclusion of the event.
  • Payments not made by the cut-off date will mean that the student does not attend.
  • Teachers are to monitor incoming notes at a class level and to make contact with parents who have not managed to get payment in by the due date. A list of names for those who have not been paid will be sent to the line manager. If note still not in then Admin will contact parents.
  • No child is to be punished, identified in public or disadvantaged because they have not paid or cannot pay. If unsure, please refer to the Principal.

IKON- Understand the excursions in public school’s procedures

Receipting of monies:

  • Parents / caregivers are directed to pay to the school via direct deposit, using the students surname and room number as the reference. We do not accept cash payments unless there is an exceptional circumstance.


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