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Friendly Schools Plus

Table of Contents
  • At Inglewood PS, our main social and emotional learning (SEL) teaching and learning programmes are Friendly School Plus, Protective Behaviours: Establishing Skills for Life and Animal Fun.
  • Teachers are required to integrate Friendly Schools activities both as a part of their health program and in day-to-day activities to address student social and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Friendly Schools resources, including teacher activity books, are available in the library and there is a folder in Connect with other resources.
  • A set of posters outlining the student chosen core values and virtues are available in classrooms and on Connect.
  • Student councillors highlight core values at assemblies in skits.
  • Faction tokens are handed out to students who display good work throughout all areas of school and who are displaying responsible behaviour.
  • The tokens are put in the containers near the front Office and counted each fortnight for assemblies.
  • Newsletter items highlight the Friendly School program on a regular basis.


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