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Hats: Sun Smart Policy

Table of Contents
  • Inglewood Primary is a Cancer Council Sun Smart School.
  • All students and staff wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears whenever they are outside.
  • Caps and visors are not considered a suitable alternative.
  • Students without a sun protective hat are provided with a spare hat, where possible.
  • Resources are available sunsmart.com.au


  • All students must wear a hat (bucket hat is preferred, although any wide brimmed, bottle green hat is acceptable; caps are not) when they are outside.
  • For short periods in the sun e.g. going to Library/Music or the toilet in class time, hats are not necessary.
  • Children without hats will be restricted to the veranda or the covered assembly area during play time.
  • For Physical Education and sport, students without hats will be seated in the shade to observe the lesson under the teacher’s supervision.
  • For consistency, the policy will apply every day, regardless of weather conditions.
  • It is important that children have suitable sunscreen, as well as hats, for swimming lessons, sporting carnivals and excursions.
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff should ‘role model’ the wearing of hats when in the sun.


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