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Infectious Diseases

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  • Please check with the Principal or deputies if you have a concern. As a guideline:
    • Chicken pox – exclude until recovered or until at least one week after the eruption first appears.
    • Conjunctivitis – exclude until treatment has commenced.
    • Head lice – exclude until effective treatment has been instituted.  A letter asking parents to check their child’s hair is sent home with all students in rooms where head lice are found.
    • Impetigo (school sores) – exclude until effective treatment has been instituted.
    • Measles (a notifiable disease) – incubation 7 – 21 days.  Period of communicability is from 5 days before until 5 days after the appearance of the rash. Exclude child until medical clearance or for 4 days after appearance of rash. Non-immunised contacts should be excluded for 13 days after the appearance of rash in the last case identified in the school.
    • Ringworm – exclude until appropriate treatment has commenced.
  • Reference: “Communicable Diseases Booklet” (available at the Office).

IKON- Manage communicable disease risks and exposure


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