Welcome to our Staff Handbook

Keys and Security

Table of Contents
  • Keys are available from the Manager Corporate Services and are recorded in the key register.
  • All staff have gate keys for early access to the grounds and to open the power box in the undercover area
  • Teachers have their own classroom key and in no circumstances should they loan it to someone else.
  • Additional keys can be signed for at the office.
  • DO NOT give keys to students as they are not allowed to access the sport shed, library etc. without adult supervision.
  • Rooms are to be locked at each break.
  • If a key is lost, please notify the Principal immediately.
  • The school security system in the staffroom has to be disarmed on entry and rearmed on exit.
  • Staff wishing to access the school out of hours must see the Manager Corporate Services for a security code.
  • Principal should be notified if you are coming out of hours. When you arrive and when you leave.


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