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Table of Contents
  • Library is open every day, however the library officer works Monday – Thursday.
  • The library is open for students each day at lunch with teachers rostered on for supervision.
  • Students are not to be sent to the library without adult supervision.
  • Staff must check out any borrowed library books/resources on the library Oliver v5 system.
  • All students may borrow books from the library. Year one students can borrow one book at a time and from year two on, two books may be borrowed.  Students must have a cloth bag when borrowing books.
  • Each class has a set weekly time when the students can borrow books.
  • Students may return and borrow books before their next class session either before school at 8.30am, at lunchtime or afterschool until 3.30pm, Monday to Wednesday.
  • If students do not return their books, they cannot borrow again until their overdue books are returned. If books are overdue for more than two weeks, a reminder letter will be sent home with the student.  Unless a positive response is received, a second letter will be posted to the parent requesting payment for a replacement if the book is not found or is returned in a damaged condition.  Students will then have a restricted limit and only be able to borrow one book at a time until the end of that term.  At the beginning of the next term, normal borrowing rights will resume.  If a student replaces or pays for the lost item, normal borrowing privileges will immediately apply.
  • If a student keeps on losing books, it will be up to the discretion of the library staff and principal to decide if the student can take out any more books. A reduced borrowing period may be put in place for that student.


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