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Mobile Phone Policy: Students

Table of Contents
  • Students are strongly discouraged from bringing a mobile phone to school.
  • The phone in the school office is available for emergencies or other important reasons. If parents need to contact their children, the school office is available to relay a message.

IKON- Understand the student mobile phone policy

Phones at School and School Activities

  • It is recognised that sometimes there is a genuine need for students to have a mobile phone for use out of school hours.
  • Students bringing mobile phones to school need to:
    1. Provide a letter of permission from the parent/carer.
    2. Ensure the phone is switched off until school finishes.
    3. Ensure the phone is labelled or otherwise identifiable.
  • Staff may choose to lock the student’s switched off phone in their teacher desk or filing cabinet during the day.
  • Students are prohibited from using mobile phones and other electronic devices during camps, excursions or other school activities.
  • Arrangements will be in place for communication with staff members in the case of an emergency.
  • If a student’s phone or watch is switched on or used inappropriately, it will be removed for safe keeping until collected personally by the parent or carer of the student.
  • The school will contact the parent or carer to inform them.
  • The school cannot accept any responsibility for theft, loss, damage or health effects (potential or actual) resulting from mobile phone use.


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