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Music Specialist

Inglewood Primary School has a comprehensive music program with a specialist music teacher for all students in Pre-primary through to Year 6.


The music specialist runs two choirs; a junior choir for years three and four and a senior choir for years five and six.  The choirs enhance the community singing at assemblies, choir festivals and other events throughout the year.

The Selection Process

The selection process for both choirs takes place at the beginning of first term.

  1. Students are given an expression of interest note, outlining the commitment required: –
    • To attend all choir practices unless sick or away
    • To arrive on time
    • To learn the songs

This note must be signed by the student and their parent and returned within a week.

  1. The selection process when there are more nominations than places in the choir is explained on the nomination form.
  2. Students may jeopardise their position in the choir through inappropriate behaviour

The Instrumental Music Program

  • The Instrumental Music Program is managed by the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS), a separate branch of the Department of Education, located in Maylands.
  • Teachers from the Instrumental Music School Services provide tuition for half an hour per week to groups of four or five students in violin, cello, flute, clarinet and brass instruments.
  • Students are assessed for inclusion in the following year’s instrumental music program in term three.
    • Year four students are assessed for possible inclusion in flute, clarinet or brass lessons.
    • Year three students are assessed for possible inclusion in cello lessons.
    • Year two students are assessed for possible inclusion in violin/viola lessons.
  • In fourth term, the school sends letters to parents of short-listed students calling for expressions of interest and providing initial information about the instrumental music scheme.
  • The School of Instrumental Music holds parent meetings in weeks 7-9 and following these meetings, firm letters of offer for selected students are sent to parents.
  • Once students have accepted a place in the program, they are expected to establish a consistent practice routine, bring their instrument each week and attend all lessons.
  • Violin and cello students, after their first year of tuition, participate in the Inglewood Primary School String Ensemble, which entails an additional practice before school with the group.
  • Students who accept a place in the violin or cello program are not eligible for flute, clarinet or brass lessons in Year 5.


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