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Offsite Units Handbook

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  • Integris is not available at the offsites.
  • Call through absences to the main site by 9.15am every day. If there are no absences still call to record all present.
  • Early departures and late arrivals are entered via Passtab on the iPad or QR code
  • Complete and sign the attendance register (deliver to main site fortnightly). Use appropriate codes

After School Care

  • Students are dropped off and picked by after-school care.
  • They should be collected from and delivered their classroom.
  • At the end of the day students that are collected by afterschool care must be recorded and signed out by the afterschool care provider on clipboards located in the classroom.



The early childhood budget is allocated per year level.

The year level teams should plan for spending collaboratively and the budget is overseen by the Team leader as per the school’s purchasing guidelines.


Critical Incident Process

As the offsites do not have a member of the Admin team permanently on site there may be times when support is required. This flow chart provides guidance.

Emergency plans, medical plans, behaviour support plans and emergency cards are located in the classrooms to support staff in managing incidents at the offsite. These are located by the classroom door. All classrooms have phones.

Emergency Procedures

  • Evacuation and Lockdown procedures are in located in the evacuation folder stored in each classroom.
  • Please familiarise yourself with them and the location of the air horn.



  • Reports are written in the faults folder stored in the red cupboard in PP3.
  • Call 13 24 34to report the fault.
  • The premises number is 6432
  • Advise them of the fault and its location, they will assign a priority. You can request a priority 1 if it is urgent.
  • Contact the school if assistance is required.


First Aid

  • First aid supplies are in all classrooms.
  • When first aid is administered it must be recorded in the first aid files in each classroom.
  • If additional assistance is required please call the main site on 9223 9900.



  • The gate closest to the carpark remains unlocked all day.
  • All other gates are to be unlocked 10 minutes prior to start and finish time.
  • Gates are re-locked at 9:15am and 3:05pm


Lunch Orders

  • PP lunch order day is Thursday.
  • Students order online via QuickCliq.
  • Lunch orders are delivered, and sorted by the EA on lunch duty at 12:30pm.



  • All medication given to students must be recorded on the Student Medication Sheets and follow the directions given by the physician prescribing the dose.
  • There must be two people to check the dose that has been given is correct.
  • Students who are required to take daily medication MUST have a medical form completed by parent/carer/doctor on a yearly basis.
  • Medication is given out in the office ONLY and records are kept.
  • Change of medication can only be made with a doctor’s note.
  • Medication such as paracetamol, aspirin etc. CANNOT be given to students without prior written authorisation as above, through the front Office.


Morning Tea

  • All students sit outside the PP4 veranda.
  • Students finish eating and may go to play.
  • Two staff are on first duty 10:40am – 10:50am.
  • Remaining staff are on duty from 10:50 – 11:10am.
  • Cow bell outside PP is rung to end play.
  • Students line up outside their own rooms.



  • There is no code for the photocopier, please use sustainably.
  • A4 and A3 paper is available from the main site.
  • Photocopier faults are called through to the main site – 9223 9900


Visitors to Site

  • All visitors, including parent helpers to site must sign in using Passtab.
  • Contractors, parents and visitors will also be required to complete the induction process when they sign in.  This is valid for 1 year.
  • Parents coming is as helpers due the induction through passtab.
  • Other family members, including grandparents, aunts etc must have a current Working With Children Card (volunteer).
  • If needed the applications can be signed by the Administration office at the school site.
  • Relief staff  sign in using Passtab.
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