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Parent Liaisons

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The Parent Liaison at Inglewood Primary School provides a pivotal role in maintaining good communication between parents, while also being a valuable resource to the teacher, the class and the school community.Essentially, each Parent Liaison supports  the  work of the classroom teacher  through communication of specific information to parents, integrating the school community by engaging parents and building social networks within the school.  It is a valuable role at every year level and is particularly helpful for new families to the school. The Parent Liaison is a voluntary role supported by the staff and P&C at Inglewood Primary School. Each class has a nominated parent liaison

Roles and responsibilities may include but not limited to

    • Welcoming new parents.
    • Providing information about the school’s procedures, special programmes and the names and roles of staff and community members.
    • Attending meetings at school where information relevant to school functions or classroom activities will be shared.
    • Creating and distributing a class contacts list, and updating it throughout the year.
    • Contacting other class parents to encourage them to serve on school committees or to attend special events at the school.
    • Informing parents of excursions or school-based activities related to the class and liaising with your classroom teacher. Roles and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to;
    • Promoting the school Communication Guidelines.
    • Maintaining confidentiality of personal and official information when carrying out responsibilities.
    • Participating in or helping with school events or functions.
    • Disseminating information to other parents in a confidential manner.
    • Organising volunteers from class families for whole school and P&C events, when requested.
    • Representing the school in a positive manner to new and existing families.
    • Supporting the teacher with sharing classroom events and activities.
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