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Parking and Traffic Management

Table of Contents
  • There is one dedicated staff parking area within the school grounds with a total of 15 bays available. This can be accessed off Crawford Road, but their availability is on first-come-first-served basis.
  • There are approximately 53 other parking bays around the perimeter of the school, but some of these (approx. 4) are dedicated Kiss and Drive
  • Administration staff utilise the bays located outside the front of the Administration block on Normanby Road.
  • Additional parking is available on the following streets for longer term requirements when the short-term parking bays are full:
    • Normanby Road, north of Robinson Street;
    • Crawford Road, north of Robinson Street;
    • Crawford Road, south of the School;
    • Arthur Street;
    • Sexton Road.
    • For long term parking (such as staff parking) St Peter’s Place is recommended as it has very low traffic and only two property crossovers.
    • With a premium on available long term parking, staff are encouraged to explore other options for transport to the school.


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