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Photocopiers – Copyright

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  • All staff use Paper Cut to manage their photocopying allowance. Staff are encouraged to reduce printing costs and waste by being mindful, printing the right number of copies and where possible, using both sides of the paper.
  • Ensure all copying is legitimate – staff and students must observe the requirements of the copyright act. Fair dealing with a book is defined to be 10% of the number of pages or one chapter if the work divided into chapters.  https://smartcopying.edu.au/students-and-copyright/
  • Students are NOT to use the machines.
  • The photocopy area is for use by ALL staff; please ensure that the area is neat and tidy when you leave and that there is an adequate supply of paper in the photocopiers.
  • All copier lids should be returned to the down position when you have finished.
  • It is expected that Copyright Awareness for Teachers (Professional Learning tab in IKON) is completed by end of Term1.

IKON- Use software to reduce school printing costs and waste


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