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Professional Learning / Professional Development

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At each renewal of registration, the TRBWA needs to be satisfied that the teacher:

  • continues to meet the requirements for their category of registration such as Professional Standards for Teachers in Western Australia and Fit and Proper Requirements,
  • is complying with any conditions on their registration and
  • has met the applicable professional engagement and professional learning requirements
  • Staff are required to sign the registration sheet that is circulated at each staff meeting, on-site professional learning workshop and school development days.
  • BEFORE booking other professional development that occurs during school hours or you would like the school to fund, please ensure you have completed a Professional Learning Submission Form (located in the pigeon holes in the photocopier room or in the connect library) and approval has been given by the Principal.
  • Once approved, ensure that purchase order is completed if required and relief is booked. On completion, pass on to the MCS who will present it at the next Finance Meeting for approval.
  • Ensure mandatory professional learning online courses are completed (IKON/ Professional Learning tab).
  • Staff are also able to discuss professional development requirements with their line manager during performance and development meetings.
  • Professional development should link to your Performance and Development Plan or the Operational Plans of the school.


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