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Staff Meetings

Table of Contents
  • Whole of staff meetings allow teachers and administrators the opportunity to discuss strategic matters which will improve school performance.
  • To comply with clause 9.3 of the School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and Administrators) General Agreement 2019;
  • Full time teachers must attend 5 hours of whole of staff meetings per term outside the normal school day.
  • Part time teachers must attend if their hours of duty at the school (including DOTT time) end just before the start of the meeting. The number of hours that a part time teacher must attend is not based on the fraction of their appointment. It is based on whether they are on duty just before the start of the meeting.
  • These meetings can be used for collaborative purposes to improve the school’s performance, which may include groups of teachers working in phases of learning.
  • The agenda, venue, frequency and timing of scheduled meetings convened, will be determined in consultation with staff. Staff meetings take place in weeks 2,4,6 and 8
  • A record of the content of the term’s meetings will be kept.

These following norms have been developed and agreed on for all meetings

    • Be on time and present
    • Follow the set and timed agenda which also allows for reflection and actions to be agreed upon and followed
    • Respect each other’s opinions and input whilst understanding the place others are coming from
    • Communicate ideas and information effectively whilst being mindful of the participant’s/audience needs
    • Participate and listen actively whilst allowing for only one person to speak at a time


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