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Student Dress Code Policy Statement

Table of Contents
  • The school community believes the wearing of school uniform:
    • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school
    • Assists in building school and team spirit
    • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities
    • Encourages equity among students
  • Students are to be encouraged to wear school uniform at all times and this is to be reinforced during school assemblies by classroom teachers, the P&C, the principal and the student councillors (by their example).
  • Students who are involved in representing the school at official school activities including sports carnivals, social events and excursions are required to wear the appropriate school uniform.
  • Children participating in the school choirs and instrumental music are required to wear the appropriate school uniform.
  • Inglewood Primary School has a “No Hat, No Play in the Sun” policy so hats are required to be worn all year round for outside activities. Wide brimmed or bucket hats in bottle green are to be worn.
  • Faction shirts with the school crest can be worn as normal school uniform one day a week on the day designated for physical education or sport.
  • Year Six students may wear a school leavers’ shirt from Term 2.
  • The standard dress code is to be worn for excursions. This excludes faction shirts.
  • Students not conforming to the dress code will be offered items from the second-hand uniform collection.

Dress code requirements:

  • The school colours are bottle green and gold.
  • The school crest is worn on shirts and windcheaters.
  • Neat, clean school uniform is encouraged.
  • Appropriate, safe, closed in footwear should be worn. Standard “Clarks” school sandals or similar are also acceptable.
  • Scuffs, thongs, massage sandals, fashion shoes and boots and high heels are deemed unsafe and not appropriate.
  • Students are NOT permitted to wear denim.
  • Sports shoes are required for physical education activities.
  • For safety reasons, jewellery, other than sleepers, studs and watches, is not to be worn.
  • Body piercing is a safety issue and as such, sleepers and studs may only be worn in ears.
  • Hair that is shoulder length or longer, for both health and safety reasons, should be tied back.
  • The dyeing of hair of primary school aged children is not recommended and colours other than natural hair colours are unacceptable, except during the athletics carnival when faction colours can be sprayed in hair.
  • Most students at Inglewood PS wear the uniform. When they are not in uniform, please remind them to wear it the next day – if it is a problem please see a deputy or the Principal.

Non-compliance with the dress code

  • If concerns are raised about the appropriateness of a student’s dress, consultation will take place between the parents and the Principal where the benefits of wearing a school uniform and the dress code of the school can be reinforced.
  • Parents enrolling a child at the school are viewed as having accepted the dress code required by the school. This policy has been endorsed by the School Board.


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