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Student Services Team

Table of Contents
  • The Student Service Team plays a pivotal role in supporting K-6 teachers and students by using best practice collaborative strategies in the implementation of support strategies which cater for individual needs.
  • The team, which meets regularly, consists of the Learning Support Co-ordinator, Wellbeing Officer, Deputy Principals, Principal and the School Psychologist.
  • Concerned teachers initially complete a ‘Consultation Request’ form, which the team discusses at its meeting.
  • The request may be for learning, behavioural, emotional, social or any other reasons that impact their education.
  • Cases are discussed and appropriate actions to address concerns are planned.
  • Comprehensive minutes of all meetings are taken and reports are kept.
  • All information relating to any particular child is filed with that child’s school records in the secure store so teachers can access this information.
  • Consent from parents is sought if school psychologist or wellbeing officer services are recommended.


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