The students play and work together under the school motto of Caring and Sharing.

Experience Inglewood Primary School

Honour Certificates

Junior Assembly 17 May 2024

Room 3, Year 3

Room 1: Rowan B, Elizabeth H

Room 2: Declan M, Lilah C

Room 3: Justin M, Ollie R

Room 4: Alexander A, Penelope B

Room 5: Edith T, Joshua W

Room 6: Lachlann L, Henry R

Room 7: Lee R, Irin O

Room 9: Fabian B, Sofia K

Room 10: Elodie F, Stanley B, Luciana M

Room 11: Darcy C, Charlotte M, Mila M

Room 13: Lennon E, Allegra H



Synergy Solar Car Challenge

Tuesday 12 March, Ezra B, Tom D, Nic T and James F travelled all the way to St Mark’s Anglican Community School. They competed in the annual Synergy Solar Car Challenge as well as 32 other schools! We are very thankful for Mrs Martin’s help and great camera skills. The day of the race was quite cloudy so unfortunately, we had to switch to battery pack. The group quickly adapted and built an amazing car. The tinker thinkers (the team) were unable to bring home the win, yet we still made it through to the round of 16.

The team was disappointed but yet exited to have this magnificent experience and having made it this far. Go team Inglewood!

By Ezra, Tom, Nic and James

Our Wonderful P&C

Our P & C does many wonderful things for our school. From running our delicious canteen and the second-hand uniform shop, to providing information sessions and connection for parents through social events, fundraising for vial equipment for our school, and holding special days and events for our students. It can only happen through dedicate ion and sacrifice, from parents and our community members volunteering time and energy to support our school.

To our fantastic P &C we say thank you!

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