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Class Awards

Table of Contents
  • Two overall class awards are presented by each class at a special assembly in Term 4.
  • In a split class, there is one award for each year level.
  • The P&C donates $30.00 per book voucher.
  • The teacher(s) completes the awards sheet which is placed in the Teams Teacher folder at the beginning of Term 4. An example and the procedures are also in this folder.
  • Teachers advise the parents of their class recipients, stressing the important of it being a surprise and kept secret.
  • At the assembly the teacher(s) announce the award winners and reads out the comments.


  • The Class Awards go to students who demonstrate outstanding performances in one or more of the following categories:
    • Achieves results of a very high standard in academic learning areas
    • Is the most improved and does his/her best at all times
    • Demonstrates active citizenship and a commitment to the virtues.



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