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Specialist Timetable and DOTT

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All teachers receive the appropriate DOTT time for their FTE according to the Award. A specialist timetable is provided at the start of each year and is updated as needed throughout the year. The following factors are considered when developing the Specialist timetable:

  1. Part-time teachers and EAs
    2. Collaborative time
    3. Teacher leadership time
    4. Offsite DOTT provision
    5. Students with additional needs
    6. DOTT provision across the week
    7. Part time specialists
    8. Year level grouping for SpecialistsThe timetable is available on Connect and notice will be given when changes are made. Specialist subject areas are Science, Technologies, Music, PE and LOTE. Other learning areas are also included such as Health to cover extra DOTT for team leaders etc.
  • Admin must be informed of any changes made to the DOTT timetable by teachers.
  • DOTT should not be swapped for school carnivals or excursions as these make up part of DOTT.
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