Welcome to our Staff Handbook

Staff Dress Code

Table of Contents
  • First impressions count.
  • Dressing appropriately is about showing professionalism, taking pride and modelling standards for students.
  • Please consider the requirements of your day and ensure appropriate clothing and footwear is always worn. Footwear must be suited to the ground conditions and allow the freedom to run after students if required.
  • As all staff represent the professional culture of the school, the staff at Inglewood Primary School are to dress suitably. Please note that denim may be worn to school on a free dress day only (this includes jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets). This is a regulation since 2007, and students are not to wear denim to school at all. Casual clothing such as tracksuits, sneakers etc. may be worn on sports days only.
  • Name badges for easy identification are to be worn at all times.


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