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Gifts (Acceptance of gifts from external sources)

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  • The Department of Education (the Department) requires all employees to observe the highest standards of integrity, ethics and probity in relation to the acceptance and provision of gifts during the course of their employment with the Department.
  • Employees will not:
    • accept a gift that will or is likely to result in a perceived, potential or an actual conflict of interest in the performance of their duties;
    • accept any personal gift in the form of money or anything readily exchanged for money except when the money is given to a school or the Department as a donation or bequest;
  • Employees will:
    • Immediately declare and register a reportable gift (value greater than $100) see section 3.2 for more details) when received or offered; and
    • obtain prior approval from the appropriate authority, as stipulated in Appendix A – Acceptance of Gifts from External Sources – Approval Authority, if a reportable gift is to be retained by an employee for personal use.

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